Dear Louisiana Fire Families,


As we continue the registration process and approach the start of the 2020-2021 soccer season, the club has developed the following Q&A to help answer many of the questions we are receiving.  We are also announcing that the early bird discount will be extended through Sunday, July 19.  We encourage families to take advantage of the payment plan during these uncertain times.


1.       What payment plans are available?


We are currently offering several payment plans and have adjusted the plan available through League Apps.  The new payment plan will not require a payment in August and will extend the monthly payments through December 2020.  Families who selected the prior payment plan will be adjusted to the new schedule.


(a)    Payment in full of $1,400 (early bird discount will reduce to $1,350 with code EB50)


(b)   Five Month Payment Plan with $285 in July, $0 in August, and $278.75 in September, October, November, and December (early bird discount will reduce each payment by $10)


(c)    For additional payment plan options and financial assistance, please see (3) below.


To accept roster invitation, please log-in to LeagueApps Dashboard




2.       What is the current plan for returning to play?


After consultation with Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute and our review of guidance from US Youth Soccer, we will be able to begin team training in early August as long as we remain in Phase II.  Detailed protocols are being finalized but a few important points include: (a) full team training is allowed; (b) training can extend to 90 minutes; (c) activities can include dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and patterns of play; and (d) small sided games can be slowly incorporated. 




3.       What if my family cannot currently afford the registration fee or the competitive club fees?


Louisiana Fire prides itself on making soccer programming available to all children who want to participate.  We refer to this core value as Equity.  Anyone who would like to request extended payment plans and/or financial assistance can do so at or by contacting our office directly at 504-465-8224.  


For boys, ask for Martha Valdin


For girls, please ask for Suzie Manning


(a)    Extended Payment Plan through March 2021 (through FACTS)


(b)   Extended Payment Plan with Financial Assistance through March 2021 (through FACTS)




4.       Why is a registration fee required? What do my registration fee and competitive club fees cover?


The registration fee is required to reserve your spot on your team, to allow us to finalize the number of teams and coaches, and to fund the clubs operations.  The registration fee is essentially your first payment in the payment plan you choose.


The competitive club fees cover four main categories of expenses: 

(a) insurance for our players and fields

(b) field rental, labor, maintenance costs, equipment, and paint (c) administrative costs for our office staff and program & age group coordinators 

(d) compensation to our fifty professionally licensed coaches.



5.       What do my team fees cover?


Each team develops a budget to cover the costs of leagues, tournaments, referees, and per diem for coaches.  The cost per family depends on which leagues a team participates in as well as how many tournaments and additional games teams schedule.  Families are also responsible for their travel costs, including gas, meals, hotels, etc.



6.       Is the registration fee refundable?


The registration fee would only be refundable if we are unable to deliver any on field soccer training for the 2020-2021 season.  We see this as unlikely given guidance from Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute and US Soccer.



7.       What if we are not allowed to play games?


While we are in Phase II, teams would be allowed to train and would be allowed to conduct small sided games.  During this period, team fees would be reduced due to the reduction in the cost of leagues, tournaments, referees, and per diem for coaches.  Alternatively, teams looking to play games may be able to participate in out of state games, leagues, and tournaments as long as those activities are permitted within the respective states.



8.       What if we go back to Phase I?


If we go back to Phase I, training would be limited to a ratio of 9 players to 1 coach.  We would continue to conduct modified training sessions and would reduce and/or defer competitive club fee payments accordingly.  Similar to question 7, team fees would also be reduced due to the reduction in the cost of leagues, tournaments, referees, and per diem for coaches.