Dear LA Fire Families:


With the recent unprecedented surge of COVID-19 and the Delta variant’s success infecting children more efficiently than the original strain, we have once again had to access how we approach the game.  We must consider how to approach day-to-day participation in youth soccer.

We shall return to the restrictions we observed during the 2020-21 seasonal year. We strongly urge parents, players, and coaches to use the basic and highly effective mitigation measures of masking and social distancing. Common sense rules the day.


We urge coaches to avoid conditions that increase the chances of infection. Don’t share training pinnies, have players use their own soccer balls, when possible, limit who touches training equipment, and use disinfectant on equipment between games and practices.


We urge parents to be equally as diligent. We are all aware of the COVID-19 symptoms. Make certain you are aware of any such symptoms amongst your family members.


Finally, we ask players to make certain they don’t do anything that helps the virus find you. Don’t share water bottles or snacks, observe social distancing off and away from the field, and keep masked when possible.


Being a member of a team, as we all are, means putting that team above yourself. Our individual actions may have an effect on the entire team.

It is up to all of us to make certain we do whatever we can to keep this pandemic from infiltrating our game. Above all else, we must all do our part to ensure this recent surge does not grow to such a proportion that Phasing returns. While Governor Edwards has stated that he is not contemplating additional mitigation measures (phasing) he also stated that all options remain on the table.

Please see the attached LA FIRE COVID return to play information from our Ochsner Medical Team and the Louisiana Soccer Association Classic League COVID Protocols.